Anaerobic Digestion: made in Italy and made in Entsorga.

Siena Ambiente’s Le Cortine anaerobic digestion line marks a historic milestone for Entsorga. It is indeed the first one entirely realized by Entsorga and entirely in Italy. Our design of the biodigester, including the agitator tree, our quality controls on incoming materials.


We have been working toward this goal since 2019, year of the birth of our Business Unit dedicated to Anaerobic Digestion. Although we have always selected our suppliers with the utmost rigor, choosing only names of weight and with proven references, internalizing the production of the components of the DA line was from the beginning a fundamental requirement to ensure us maximum autonomy and control over such a strategic asset.


Now the level reached by our R&D and the expertise of our Technical Department, together with the numerous plants built, have enabled us to make this leap, integrating our supply chain as vertically as possible. The latest experiences, furthermore, have allowed us to refine the assembly procedure of the digesters, designing tools and devices useful for improving the installation phases and ensuring additional safety for operators.


This important milestone achieved with the Siena plant will also bring undoubted advantages for our customers, who will first of all be able to benefit from increasingly targeted and tailor-made design and execution interventions. Delivery times will also be shorter and more certain, and the supply of spare parts will certainly be more timely.


The decision to take ownership of the design of some fundamental elements for our technologies we believe is a winner across the board, for the company, for our customers, for society,” commented our CEO G.F. Galanzino “A choice that we hope will be rewarded by those who will recognize its value, especially at a time when people often take opposite directions, losing part of the control over the supply chain. In fact, internalizing and Italianizing our supply chain as much as possible also means taking a stand on the sustainability front and the impacts that the company can have on the entire ecosystem that gravitates around it. Even the choice of how to produce and where to produce is a corporate social responsibility. “