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MTB Biostabilization

Organic waste, when landfilled, produces substantial amounts of leachate and methane. This, even in sanitary landfills, results in an extremely serious impact on the environment. The  Entsorga’s Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) for biostabilization aims to reduce the impact on the environment of the putrescible fraction of unsorted waste when landfilled. It delivers reduction in greenhouse gases emission and in leachate production.


The process, depending on the throughput composition, can follow two distinct approaches caractherized by a different configuration of the mechanical and biological phases:

– A more traditional system with two flows in which the incoming waste is mechanically skimmed separating the wet fraction (under-sieve), which is sent to biostabilisation, and the dry fraction, with high calorific value (overcoat) and which can be further mechanically refined (with or without the biodyied fraction) to produce a Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF).

– A simplified single-flow system in which all the material is first bio-stabilized and subsequently screened and refined according to the needs of the process and the requirements of the end user.


The bio-stabilization is based on the H.E.BIO.T.TM process (High Efficiency Biological System), a highly efficient and highly automated biological treatment system that leverages 20 years of successful industrial operations and a continuous effort in research and development.

The key principles of Entsorga’s Bio-stabilization technologies are:

forced and controlled aeration of the feedstock, to accelerate bio-oxidation

• facilitating the natural aerobic process of degradation by means of a redundant, robust, fully automated industrial process which is constantly controlled through an Artificial Intelligence-based software

• to circumscribe every activity involving waste into an enclosed building, thus avoiding any release of odor into the environment

• odor cleaning thanks to a well-proven natural bio-filter (over 99% efficiency in odor abatement)

• focusing on long term plant reliability and performances by choosing the best electrical and mechanical components.


By integrating low consumption and high process automation, Entsorga’s Biostabilization guarantees:

innovation applied on an industrial scale

reliability and lower labor costs

reduced energy consumption

ease of use and simplicity of maintenance


Biostabilizing with the Entsorga systems offers several immediate benefits:

• avoids odor emissions and reduces methane emissions into the atmosphere: Biostabilization guarantees a reduction in the environmental impact of landfills, ensuring real and measurable savings in CO2eq and leachate emissions, a reduction of weight and volume of waste sent to landfill, as well as a reduction in transportation costs

reduces weight and volume of the waste that will be disposed

• allows energy recovery by producing Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF)

• guarantees maximum health & safety and minimum impact on the surroundings: the process takes place in fully enclosed areas kept under a slightly lower than ambient pressure. This also makes it possible to limit the exposure of operators to foul air, dust and other pollutants.