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MBT Biodrying

The scientific literature clearly proves that there is no way to produce good Alternative Fuel from municipal waste by just mechanically sorting and shredding waste, due to low yields and unacceptable final moisture of the product.

Over the years, Entsorga has perfected its biological treatment applying it to the production of Alternative Fuels and showing that drying waste before mechanical treatments not only allows for a better refining, but clearly improves the calorific value and yields of the final product. 

The dried waste can be used to produce SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) and PEF (Processed Engineered Fuel).


Biodrying is an aerobic biological digestion treatment for removing moisture from a waste stream. Biodrying is usually a step to produce SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) and PEF (Processed Engineered Fuel). It dries out the waste and makes cleaner mechanical refinement possible.

The biodrying is based on the H.E.BIO.T.TM process (High Efficiency Biological System), an highly efficient and highly automated biological treatment system that leverages 20 years of successful industrial operations and a continuous effort in research and development.

We decided to present the biodrying solution also in a stand-alone form, as in the past it was believed possible to produce a suitable SRF from just mechanically sorting and shredding the waste; a number of plants have been designed and built on this assumption. From the scientific literature is now clear that this assumption was wrong and that the moisture within every waste stream is heavily compromising the final quality of the alternative fuel, keeping the heating value low.

Entsorga offers a full set of solutions for upgrading existing SRF production plants by adding a biodrying section and dramatically improving the final quality of the alternative fuel.

The Entsorga proprietary technologies make the treatment easy, quick and efficient.


Final SRF, Westbury, UK