ADVANTAGES Anaerobic digestion represents a solution to treat the organic fraction of Urban Solid Waste which offers several advantages: it makes it possible to produce


FEATURES Entsorga’s Scrabble™ system consists of modular biocells with an aerated structure, a floor with embedded and special "nozzles" that allow for forced aeration and

Bat Q-Ring™

FEATURES The Bat Q-Ring™ by placing the waste material under specially designed sheets during the bio-oxidation phase allows for air circulation into the material so as


FEATURES This process solution consists of: a forced aeration system to allow a homogeneous distribution of the air in the heap Q-ring™ cover, to allow reducing

Turtle Q-Ring™

FEATURES The Turtle system is suitable for medium-sized plants (with minimum capacity from 15,000 t/a). The system guarantees safe, fast and clean maturation of biomass,


FEATURES Le Coccinelle™ is a modular solution where each module typically consists of 8 reactors (net capacity: about 24 m3 each), one biofilter, blowing system,