Christopher D. Maloney, CEO of Entsorga Inc. reappointed to WBA Council

Our CEO of Entsorga Inc. Christopher D. Maloney has been re-elected as a Member of the Global Biogas Council of the World Biogas Association (WBA) to serve until December 2026.

“Congratulations to the re-elected members for their second term,” commented Charlotte Morton OBE, WBA director general. “This is a tribute to the quality of their contributions in providing strategic direction and supporting the WBA’s efforts to facilitate the growth of our industry. Growth that the International Energy Agency in its latest World Energy Outlook report forecasts at between 8 percent and 22 percent per year through 2030.”

The International Energy Agency’s report for the first time devoted an entire section to the biogas and biomethane sector, highlighting its strategic value in addressing issues related to energy security, climate change and other major challenges in the world economy. This is a very welcome recognition for the WBA, but also an incentive to work even harder. Indeed, the IEA itself says that the pace of growth in the sector needs to be further accelerated to achieve the Net Zero goal for 2030.

The WBA was established 8 years ago to support the development of the Biogas industry worldwide. Among the commitments made by its members, also signed by industry giants such as SUEZ, ENGIE and SHV, is a Programmatic Declaration to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 12 percent by 2030.

The WBA is a London-based nonprofit body that brings together companies, professionals, public bodies and Associations to promote the development of Biogas globally, considering it one of the resources to focus on to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations for 2030. The Association is a strong signal given to governments around the world to emphasize the importance of a renewable and valuable energy source, to be maximized by developing an integrated and conscious approach to the organic waste treatment system.

The task of the Global Biogas Council, composed of 9 members from 8 countries who will serve for the next 3 years, is to provide strategic directions for the development of the Biogas sector, as well as to foster new alliances and partnerships worldwide to support the spread of technologies related to the extraction and use of renewable gas.

For Christopher D. Maloney, this reappointment to the Council testifies to an important recognition of his work to date, and for Entsorga it represents an opportunity to continue to contribute his expertise to the growth of the Biogas industry worldwide.