A Bee project has been launched in Abruzzo, the integrated composting system of the anaerobic bio digester of the Civeta Consortium

The new order of a Bee was purchased in July by Ladurner Enviro.

The Bee, our composting system with a large capacity single reactor for the anaerobic digestion plant of the Civeta Consortium, the technological hub that manages urban waste in the Vastese territory in the province of Chieti (Abruzzo).

The project, that envisages the integration of two lines of anaerobic and aerobic treatment, is not only one of the most innovative for the entire Abruzzo Region but in general. It has already become a reference for the treatment of organic waste in the entire central and southern area of Italy.

Distributed since 2005 both in Europe and the US, the BEE is our most efficient technology for Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT).

Thanks to its H.E.BIO.T.  (High Efficiency Biological Treatment), the system is capable of recuperating up to 90% of organic waste, reducing to a minimum the recourse to landfill. Its high reliability, its total environmental compatibility and its complete automation thanks to the Spider® bridge crane, make it one of our most competitive solutions on the market today.

The plant, which will include the Bee integrated with the bio digester, will begin working in the middle of 2022 and will treat 40.000 tons of organic waste, producing compost and bio methane destined for transport.
An operation that will also allow us to set up a reconversion programme, from diesel to biofuel, for the entire fleet of public transport vehicles.