Contratto decisivo tra BioHiTech, nostra partecipata quotata al Nasdaq, e Carnival Corp 1
Contratto decisivo tra BioHiTech, nostra partecipata quotata al Nasdaq, e Carnival Corp 1
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Definitive contract between BioHiTech, our partner quoted on Nasdaq, Carnival Corp

An acquisition contract for 14 million dollars was signed a few days ago in which BioHiTech Global Inc., a company in which Entsorga holds an 11% share, has agreed to provide the digesters of the Revolution series and the platform for data analysis to 100 cruise ships belonging to Carnival Corp.

Thanks to these latest generation aerobic systems, food waste will be treated directly during navigation, while recuperating plastic waste at the same time.

This is a real win win solution which, in comparison to conventional waste disposal systems, will allow us to limit the quantity of green house gases thereby reducing the impact of the fleet on the environment.

As well as this, BioHiTech’s analysis platform will provide the relevant data in real time to document the effective reductions in a transparent way.

We are enthusiastic about collabotating with the Carnival team and are happy to assist them in their continued efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and reach important sustainability goals”, declared Frank Celli, the CEO of BioHiTech. “We are committed to assisting companies in reducing their environmental impact through the use of more intelligent technologies and we believe that this partnership is proof of the growing tendency to adopt our sustainable and innovative solutions on the part of companies all over the world. We look forward to providing Carnival with the instruments and support necessary to take their place in the frontline with regard to sustainability in the cruise sector”.

BioHiTech Global and Entsorga

BioHiTech Global, an American player of primary importance in the green technology sector, in Novenber 2017 purchased from Entsorga the licence to build the first plant on the East Coast of the USA with Entsorga’s patented HeBioT*technology.

The purchase of this licence made itpossible for Entsorga to become part of the  BioHiTech Holding group and it contributed to the fulfillment of the necessary requisites for the American company to be quoted on Nasdaq in 2018.

Thanks to the partnership with Entsorga, today BioHiTech can offer the market solutions for the treatment and conversion of Solid Urban Waste into a precious renewable combustibile fuel recognised as a commodity by the EPA, systems for the biological treatments of food waste on site and proprietty instruments for the analysis of data.

These are solutions that permit companies or town councils of any size to make significant reductions to the cost of waste disposal, reducing the amount of waste to be sent to landfill with a consequent reduction in the environmental impact in relation to greenhouse gas emissions.