Un anno in movimento, per difendere natura e territorio 1
Un anno in movimento, per difendere natura e territorio 1
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A year in motion, to defend nature and territory

The place where a company is born is not always the one where it continues to live. Often when a company grows and takes on an international dimension it decides to move its headquarters out of Italy. It is a temptation to which many give way.

Entsorga was born in the Colli Tortonesi and here we have chosen to stay.

Defending and enhancing the places in which we live is one of the commitments we carry out with conviction every year,  because we are aware of the fact that every company has responsibilities that not only economic but also social responsabilities.

For this reason we incentivize projects to support local communities.  Our aim is to make our territory more welcoming and hospitable, and to characterize it more and more as a pleasant place to live and work, and as an attractive place for young talents who can choose to stay here and grow with us.

Also in 2019 we have supported many valuable initiatives, which share with Entsorga the same respect for nature, and our own passion for teamwork and healthy competition.

We started by reconfirming our support for Azalai, which during the year organized events such as the Timorasso Winter trail, the “Trofeo dei Malaspina” trail run, the “5.30” city race and the “Quarto Stato” race. Also this year these events have been an occasion of great attraction, making run and walk over 6000 people who came from all over the North of Italy to live and breathe our territory in its most beautiful and healthy aspect.

Our support for nature and the territory has expanded beyond the Colli Tortonesi and the Oltrepò, reaching Santhià, where in May we supported a suggestive marathon among the rice fields organized by the Asd Sport Cultura e Vita, by the Municipality of Santhià and from Santhià Athletics.  At the beginning of the summer we flanked Alvi and its Ultra Trail throughout the Ligurian Apennines, and again in Liguria, at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, we will end the year by sponsoring a meeting organized by Ligurian Aics in memory of the pioneer of the air Filippo Cevasco. This will be the opening of a traveling event that will cross Northern Italy throughout 2020, remembering the young aviator and his heroic deeds.

So here we are at the end of an intense year, populated by events that start from nature and its beauty to spread sustainable life models, showing that clean and magical experiences still exist, if hard work, the desire to overcome limits and the taste for difficult challenges meet harmony with the territory and respect for others.