Entsorga prosegue il raddoppio dell’impianto di Santhià
Entsorga prosegue il raddoppio dell’impianto di Santhià
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Entsorga continues with the doubling of the plant in Santhià

In spite of the serious health crisis which has struck Italy, in autumn we will complete the enlargement of the composting plant of Territorio e Risorse, within the time frame set out pre Covid 19.
This company was the property of Entsorga up to last October when it was purchased by IREN, a multiutility Italian leader in the energy and environmental sectors.

The sale of Territorio, as well as marking the beginning of a collaboration with the company in Emilia, concluded for us with the winning of a contract to build the anaerobic digestion section, which is the natural completion of the transformation process of organic waste.

The enlargement will enable the plant, which currently treats 36,000 tonnes of FORSU per year, to process 40,000 tonnes of FORSU and 10,000 tonnes of vegetable waste, to produce compost and about 2.6 million metric cubes of biomethane, one of the most promising fuels on the green energy front.

The ongoing completion works, for an investment of about 10 million euro, will utilize the innovative Eisenman semi-dry anaerobic digestion method, one of the most sought after technologies on the market and commercialized exclusively for Italy by our Group since July 2019.

“The plant in Santhià will be the first in Italy to produce biogas with this decidedly innovative, safe and flexible technology. Also for this reason we expect the plant to become a reference point in the anaerobic digestion market”, commented Pietro Cella Mazzariol, President of EntsorgaFin S.p.A.

Entsorga will carry out the enlargement with a turnkey contract: in fact we will not only provide an avantguard technology, but we wil be involved in all the phases of the realization of the project, from the design of the plant to the quality control and to project assistance.