The Eagle Cloud is ready to go into action

Maximum visual width combined with the capacity to intervene in a precise and immediate manner.

The new system of data monitoring Eagle Cloud which the Entsorga team is finalizing, takes its name from the queen of the sky, and for good reason. The software, in fact, will provide a complete and precise overview of the waste treatment process, in order to keep it under control at all times and in excellent condition.

Built on Entsorga’s twenty year experience in designing, building and running of waste treatment plants, the Eagle Cloud will provide detailed analysis on working lots allowing for an easy comparison of parameters, the prediction of trends and the awareness of eventual anomalies.

This application, innovative also on a level of usability and graphic interface, will be accessible on several levels of interpretation and can be personalized based on user need, in order to offer both a clear and immediate performance evaluation, and a more stable and reliable operational management.

A software that is unique on the market and that promises results that live up to its name.