Entsorga joins the Foundation for Sustainable Development

On April 16 in Rome, the sixteenth annual Founding Members Assembly of the Foundation for Sustainable Development, an authoritative national reference point for the green economy since 2008, was held, chaired by Edo Ronchi.

During the Assembly, following a discussion with journalist Nicola Saldutti on the hottest topics of the current environmental debate, including packaging, nuclear energy, green housing, and the upcoming European elections, the new members were officially introduced and approved, including Entsorga.

The meeting between the Sustainable Development Foundation and Entsorga dates back to October 2023, at the ‘Stati Generali’ of the Green economy 2023 at Ecomondo. At that time our company was called to bring its testimony within the international session, in the panel “Energizing the Transition.”

“Our membership in the Foundation is further evidence of our concrete commitment to collaborating with networks of businesses, associations, and experts for the development of an increasingly extensive network of the Italian green economy,” commented our CEO G.F. Galanzino. “Cohesion on energy transition issues is essential to address the climate challenge. It is one of the most demanding challenges we face in the coming decades, and it must be addressed by uniting forces-political, economic, scientific and technological-overcoming ideological alignments and conjunctural visions.”

Alongside our company, during this Assembly, other new members joining the Foundation include Assofond, the Confindustria association representing Italian foundries, Tper, the main Local Public Transport company in Emilia-Romagna, and Lucart Group, a multinational that produces paper sustainably.