Entsorga at COP26. Towards the Net-Zero goal.

It was an exciting few days at the Climate Conference, with a turnout above expectations.

After Paris 2015 and Copenhagen 2009, COP26 was the most attended in terms of representation of States, NGOs and press organs.
It is difficult to give an exhaustive account of what happened in Glasgow. In the dozens of pavilions, conferences and working tables were held simultaneously, in addition to the meetings organized by the Observers recognized by the UNFCCC and those of the Secretariat.

In this scenario, Entsorga has been invited by the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) to talk about its experience and philosophy, particularly in the field of renewable technologies and biogas projects.

As governments and industry drive to decarbonize global energy portfolios, it is clear that achieving “Net-Zero by 2050″ will require a transformational collaboration between the waste management, biogas and government sectors.

With only 2% of the global potential of AD tapped, we must continue in our efforts to demand a level playing field for biogas (fossil fuel subsidies remain at roughly 6.5% of our global GDP) as well as pressing to put AD at the center of governments’ GHG reduction strategies if we are to have any hope of accelerating project deployment or even getting close to this environmental imperative.

There is no shortage of organic waste and the landfills are filling up, there is no shortage of proven, competitive technologies, and there is no shortage of capital. What is required is the leadership and the will to get it done.

How did it go? Entsorga Inc. CEO Christopher D. Maloney told us: