Basket Bond Sustainable Energy

Issuance of a €3 million minibond in the “Basket Bond – Sustainable Energy” program

The resources raised will be aimed at supporting the sustainable development plans of the Company, a world-leading establishment that patents technologies to build waste recovery and valorisation plants.

Entsorga Italia SpA (“Entsorga”), a leading company in the Development and Implementation of Technologies for the Production of Energy, Materials and Renewable Fuels from Waste, has issued a €3 millions minibond as part of the “Basket Bond – Sustainable Energy” program. The Program, conceived by Eni S.p.A. (“Eni”), ELITE and developed and promoted, for their respective areas, by ELITE and illimity Bank S.p.A (“illimity”) the latter in the role of Arranger – is a financial instrument created to support the growth and the sustainable development of the supply chain. IIllimity acted as underwriter and arranger, coordinating and structuring the transaction.

The bond has a maturity of up to years 6 (six) and is structured with a pre-amortization of up to 21 months and repayment in 17 quarterly instalments.

Founded in 1997 by two partners, Francesco Galanzino, current CEO, and Pier Paolo Cella Mazzariol, chairman, Entsorga patents green technologies to biologically treat waste and transform it into fertilizers, biofuels and alternative fuels for cement plants. In 25 years, the company has built a hundred plants in more than 27 countries that reduce the environmental impact of waste by more than half and save the environment the emission of millions of tons of greenhouse gases each year; this has enabled the company to grow and become an international player in providing proprietary, proven and bankable technologies.

The Group plans a growth path aimed at developing the best technologies to mitigate the human impact on the planet and has the ambition to grow and accelerate its expansion projects through investments on People, emission reduction, transition to new materials and fuels, as well as the development of new Circular Economy models.

The issue, consistent with the objectives of the “Basket Bond – Sustainable Energy” program, requires the company to invest more than 40 percent of the proceeds in projects and initiatives preparatory to the achievement of sustainability goals, including ESG System Adoption and Maintenance, reduction of environmental impacts, development of new Anaerobic Digestion plants for Biomethane production. The allocation of proceeds together with Entsorga’s sustainability score measured through the Open-es platform allowed the company to access more favourable economic conditions by reducing the cost of the transaction.

More details on the Sustainable Energy Basket Bond can be found at this link.