Entsorga, the Hills and the People

As our technologies grow and become applied all over the world, we continue to invest with pride in our territory and in its people. We have always contributed to projects regarding the maintenance of paths, we work side by side with associations that promote sport in nature and we help all those initiatives that make our area more beautiful, welcoming and hospitable.

For years we have been supporting the projects of Italian Culture and Sport, and those of Azalai, the sports association of Tortona that unites runners, walkers and lovers of physical activity and good food, with whom in March, we contributed to the creation of the first edition of the Derthona Half Marathon, which involved more than 700 participants. In May we will aid the Rice Marathon of Santhià (VC) and the Scrivia Environment Project, created to promote our riverside patrimony, while between July and September we will also be renewing our support of the Attraverso Festival, a festival that spreads from the hills of southern Piedmont to the sea. This year we have also begun a collaboration with the Milan Junior Camp of Casalnoceto, with the Alessandria section of LILT, the Italian League for the Fight against Cancer, and another important partnership with a true sports star, not only local. But we will talk about this in a more in- depth dedicated manner!

“For us, this is also a way to carry out sustainability: to work together with all the protagonists of this splendid territory so as to develop strong and stimulating eco systems for the people, outside the large urban centres”, G.F. Galanzino, our CEO, declared with pride. “Alternative and inviting places for talented people, where they can choose to work and innovate, but also to live”.


Del riso…la Maratona – May 1, 2022 – Santhià (VC)


Progetto Ambiente Scrivia
Inauguration of the exhibition “Progetto Ambiente Scrivia” – April 29, 2022 – Museo Orsi, Tortona


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Derthona Half Marathon – March 6, 2022 – Tortona (AL)