Quale energia?

Environment, energy and possible alternatives.

The increase in CO2, the climate emergency and the urgency of new scenarios oblige us to take a serious look at renewable energy source and consider what each of us, individuals or companies can do concretely.

Understanding how much human activity is weighing on the planet and limiting global warming has been an urgent need reported by experts for many years, but the Russian-Ukrainian war has made it clear to everyone, even those who have never been interested in climatology, that finding an alternative to hydrocarbons is more essential than ever.

Indeed, the use of fossil fuels to produce energy is a source of greenhouse gas emissions and among the main causes of climate change. More sustainable, safe and even economically efficient alternatives already exist, they just need to be encouraged and practiced.

The world needs clean energy to make things move, heat and cool. Doing it right, in short, is necessary but can also be cost-effective.

Tuesday, September 8, we discussed this in the Sala Giovani of the Teatro Civico in Tortona (AL) in the Round Table WHAT ENERGY?

We talked about it together with LUCA MERCALLI (climatologist, science popularizer), SILVIA FIGINI (Professor of Statistics), FRANCESCO GALANZINO (Entsorga), ROBERTO CAVALLO (Cooperativa Erica), CLAUDIO ROBBIANO (Azalai President) and FERENCZ BARTOCCI (AD Bertram Derthona Basket). Rai journalist MAURIZIO MENICUCCI coordinated the panel.

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The day continued with the show Notes for a New World, with the speakers STEFANO MANCUSO, plant neurobiologist and EUGENIO CESARO, singer with Eugenio in Via Di Gioia, a successful Italian Indie band.

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