From Poland to create with Entsorga the most ambitious challenge: plants zero waste

They came from the centre of Poland to study some of our green technologies that recover and optimize waste, succeeding in creating plants zero waste.

On Monday, March 28, the mayors of Tomaszow, Maszoviewsky and Jarocin were our guests who visited first our offices in Tortona and afterwards the composting and anaerobic digestion plant in Santhià, (VC), where we have created the most ambitious challenge for those of us who are involved with waste by successfully managing to create full circularity in the treatment process. This is where organic residues enter and come out as compost, alternative fuel for cement factories and bio methane that is directly inserted onto the grid and used, in equal measure to fossil methane, to heat homes or as fuel.

It’s easy to see why our plant, since 2019 property of the Iren Group, has become a global reference point and over time has attracted numerous international delegations who came to see more closely these innovative recovery solutions. Once the visit had ended, the Polish representatives remained in our territory and on Tuesday morning they met the mayor of Tortona, Federico Chiodi, spending time with him in the “Sala Giunta” for an official greeting.

Meeting our Polish colleagues to speak about the excellence of the products of our territory was a happy event for us, especially in a moment such as this which has been marred by the terrible tragedy of the war in Ukraine”, commented the mayor, Chiodi, “this is the highest point that a meeting between two nations can reach: the exchange of information, knowledge and talents. This is the basis on which we can build a better world