“Terra e buoi dei paesi tuoi”: is it worthwhile for companies to invest in local territory?

Marco Magnani, economist and professor at LUISS Guido Carli University and associate professor at Harvard business school, presented his book “Terra e buoi dei paesi tuoi” yesterday, Wednesday, on June 29th, at the Orsi Museum in Tortona. The title is a paraphrase of an Italian saying which tells that that you should marry within your own country and culture similar to this Italian entrepreneurs should grow their companies in Italy by exploiting the sentimental and cultural link with it.

Our president Pier Paolo Cella attended as testimonial together with other local entrepreneurs, answering to the basic question asked by Magnani in his book: is it worthwhile for companies to invest in local territory?

In Magnani’s opinion the answer is yes. In a world in constant transformation, local territory and its companies must be linked: on the one hand it is vital that companies are able to manage change, on the other local territory should offer more opportunities, attracting excellence and fostering collaboration.

“Nowadays companies are more and more focused in attracting talents and in doing so the territory is crucial as it must be receptive, welcoming for those high skilled workers, it must guarantee safety, high level education facilities and services,” stressed Pier Paolo Cella during his speech.

With Terra e Buoi dei Paesi Tuoi Magnani describes how local territory and businesses, despite epochal changes, are linked and how the territory may represent an unexpected competitive advantage for companies.