Steam injection: after confirming the efficiency of the system, Entsorga perfects its right of use.

The production of biogas depends directly on controlling the temperature at which the process takes place: keeping the biomass at a homogeneous and constant temperature, thus to allow the working bacteria to operate under optimal conditions, is fundamental to avoid production drops due to biological stress.

Of the various heating methods available on the market, we chose the Eisenmann steam injection system for the anaerobic digester in Santhià. Two years after its use, the data confirms the quality of the solution adopted, demonstrating in the field the efficiency and convenience of direct steam heating compared to more traditional heat exchange methods that use pipes with heated water.


“As we expected, using steam to heat biomass has proven to be a doubly cost-effective system in terms of production yield and energy savings: the steam heat maintains precise and uniform temperatures, ensuring reliable operation and high biogas yield. In addition, compared to water-based systems, it reduces the energy costs of heat generation by up to 50 per cent. An advantage that, given the recent increase in energy costs, adds further competitiveness to our anaerobic digestion plants,” commented our President P.P. Cella.


We have therefore perfected the ‘steam injection system’ as the de facto standard used by Entsorga in its anaerobic digesters, ensuring optimal operation as well as maximum energy and economic efficiency.