Our CEO of Entsorga Inc speaks about de-risking biogas projects at the World Biogas Summit

How the biogas industry can help address global environmental and social challenges? How common and how much more room is there for biogas technologies around the world? How to make the construction of biogas plants financially attractive to investors?

The World Biogas Summit and Expo, the world’s leading trade fair for anaerobic digestion, biogas, biomethane and bioresources industries taking place 15-16 June in Birmingham, answered these questions and many more.

Our CEO of Entsorga Inc. Christopher D. Maloney has been invited to speak along with a panel of experts on the second day, June 16, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the biogas world as part of the conference “Bridging the Finance-Climate Energy Gap”. His talk has focused on how to be able to accelerate the development of biogas projects while minimizing risks for investors.

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Terrific exchange of ideas. – Christopher D. Maloney commented This years Summit further amplified the tremendous opportunity and challenges before us. Transformational collaboration from multiple industry sectors including Waste Management, Equity, Project Development and Technology is starting to emerge but we have a long way to go. It is clear that the market must move towards standardization, technically and commercially, as without it, accelerating biogas deployment of large scale organic food waste to RNG plants will continue to be slow and painful with very long cycle times to COD. As an industry we have the technology and expertise and there is no shortage of capital or feedstock. At Entsorga, we welcome the collaboration discussions that are underway and are excited about the future. Let’s change the industry together!


Just like the World Biogas Association, we are convinced that biomethane makes a valuable contribution not only in terms of climate protection. Biomethane can also contribute significantly to solving global problems, such as those caused by energy dependency.