In July we hired two new employees to consolidate the development of anaerobic digestion

They are two young chemical engineers, a twenty-four -year old woman and a man of 25, the new arrivals into the Entsorga team this summer.

Michela will be a PM dedicated to the new projects of anaerobic digestion and she will concentrate on the development of license initiatives.
Pier Francesco will dedicate himself to the creation of a new mobile Anaerobic Digestion plant and to the relative licenses.

Among the initiatives of strategic development of the company, the anaerobic and biogas markets are two of the most promising, as was demonstrated by our entry as a founding member into IBA, a global partnership of companies specializing in the development of integrated solutions for the production of biogas.

“Promoting the production of biogas and biomethane over ten years could lead to a reduction of 12% in global emissions of greenhouse gases, making a significant contribution towards mitigating the effects of climate change. An enormous green potential that has been incentivized in Italy and in Europe for years now and in which we believe we have a lot to say and do”
Commented F. Galanzino, MD of the group and, since 2020, a member of the Board of the World Biogas Association (WBA), a no profit Organization which supports the development of the Biogas industry throughout the world.
“To do this, we are creating an internal division dedicated to Anaerobic Digestion, with the precise aim of capitalizing on the experience we have acquired in the treatment of organic waste and continuing to reduce the cost of plant construction”.

In fact, excellent results are being obtained from the technology of semi-dry anaerobic digestion by Zenviro Tech, one of the most requested on today’s market and commercialized exclusively in Italy by our Group.
It is in this challenging direction full of potential that our new colleagues will operate and we naturally welcome them and wish them all the best for a successful work experience.