The sustainable equation. Online our first Sustainability Report.

Our first Sustainability Report is both a point of arrival and a starting point. On the one hand, in fact, it represents the culmination of a journey that started more than a decade ago, with the calculation and compensation of our environmental footprint. On the other, it marks a commitment to future, measurable goals, to build an increasingly sustainable company that is therefore profitable and long-lasting.

“Time and profit are the two key words to secure the future of a company. Recent history has shown us this unequivocally. A company must be able to continuously generate profit for all those involved in its ecosystem. For shareholders, but also for employees, customers, suppliers and the community where the company lives and works. For longevity, the only winning strategy is to be sustainable.” So opens the letter to stakeholders written by Pier Paolo Cella and G. Francesco Galanzino, the Group’s chairman and CEO, respectively.

Among the most significant figures recorded from FY 2022 are the more than one million tons of CO2 equivalent saved thanks to the Entsorga technologies used worldwide, a generated revenue of 14.5 million euros, 5 percent of turnover invested in R&D, and more than 33 thousand euros invested for the community.

Since this is Budget 2022, many of the actions set have already been initiated, others are now completed. In the environmental area, work has been done to continue to contain the company’s direct impacts by installing the photovoltaic system in the new offices. Then approved an internal policy regarding the compensation system and human rights, increased training and the welfare plan for all employees and collaborators. Among the decisions made at the governance level, adopted the Management Model complying with Decree 231, the Code of Ethics, and activated an anonymous channel (Supervisory Board) to report any illegal behavior. To protect the health and safety of workers, at the certification level, ISO 45001 was obtained. Also confirmed is the commitment to continue supporting projects related to the local community to make the company, and its territory, increasingly welcoming and attractive.

Entsorga’s deep connection with the local area also emerges through the voice of stakeholders, gathered through interviews with opinion leaders and strategic stakeholders from the community in which it operates. These perspectives found an effective synthesis in the materiality analysis, the first for Entsorga, in which the issues deemed relevant to the company and the context in which it operates were set.

To monitor progress, as well as to follow up on the preparation of this first Report, a Sustainability Committee was also formed, consisting of figures from both inside and outside the company.

Thus begins a journey that each year will engage Entsorga to tell itself and all its stakeholders about the progress made in the three strategic dimensions of sustainability, environmental, social and governance.

This first sustainability report will lead us to become even more conscious of our actions,” comments G. Francesco Galanzino, “Reducing and offsetting CO2 emissions, a renewable energy community open to employees and collaborators, new recovery projects: we wanted to set ourselves ambitious goals, which show how sustainability is inherent for us in the way we think and do business today.”

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