Our infra red light has been turned on at San Damiano D’Asti

There has been great interest surrounding the functioning of Entsorga’s optic selector prototype which took place on Thursday, February 11 in the GAIA composting plant in San Damiano D’Asti.

A key turning point in the recovery of plastics that contaminate organic waste, our “ infra red light” intervenes downstream of the composting process and allows for the identification and separation of the various polymers of waste plastics.

In particular, according to the latest analysis carried out by GAIA, at the entrance point of the San Damiano plant, there arrives matter with an average of 14.2% impurities, waste residue which instead of being sent to landfill, could be to a large extent recovered and sent to an experimental recycling process to obtain new products.

The demonstration involved 19 people, both technicians and researchers of industrial realities and Universities of Piedmont linked to the SATURNO project (saturnobioeconomia.it), an abbreviation for “Organic and Carbon dioxide – Transforned into Fuels, fertilizers and chemical products; a concrete application of the Circular economy”).

Begun in 2019 and financed with 13,6 M Euros from the Piedmont Region, the project has involved, as well as Entsorga and Gaia, other important industrial partners (Asja Ambiente, Acea Pinerolese, IREN, Envipark, Novament, Entsorga, CRF, Buzzi Unicem, Cornaglia, Merlino, NCT, Hysytech, Modelway, RAMSE, STEP, LCE, Giotto Biotech, Uptofarm,, GRINP) and Academic Partners ( Politecnico di Torino, University of Turin, University of East Piedmont, Italian Institute of Technology).

The aim of the initiative is the development of an integrated and circular approach of the productive platforms, so as to create new processes and products with the recovery of residual waste like plastics and bio-plastics generated by the treatment of organic waste or other industrial processes.