Results from 2020, our goals for 2021. The CO2 Report becomes a Sustainability Report.

Reducing the environmental impact for a company that creates technology is apparently simple.

Our activity, based on Research&Development , is by definition low energy consumption. To this we can add the fact that our technologies treat waste material and are therefore created to reduce the human impact on the environment.
In all that we do, we are green. But we are green also in the way that we do it.

By trade and by attitude we have always interpreted sustainability in its widest sense, protecting the environment and investing in our primary raw material and most precious resource, people. Paying attention to the well being of those who work with us, adopting ethical behavior towards clients and suppliers, supporting the community in which we live: for more than twenty years we have measured our ability to create value by taking these principles into account too.

Since 2015 we have spoken about our environmental impact, both direct and indirect, in the CO2 Report.

The step towards the Sustainability Report was therefore short. Even though it was not required by law in the PMI, the release of this first document bears witness to our natural inclination to be accountable in an ever more transparent way for our development strategies and their impacts in the near future. It’s a flexible document, setting out in a non binding way the indications given in the GBS GUIDE ( Study Group on Social Report).

In a synthetic and concrete way we have highlighted the results obtained in 2020 and the commitments we have made for 2021: on these results we will measure our ability to continue to create value in a sustainable way next year. In identifying our goals we have naturally taken into account the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) contained in the United Nations 2030 Agenda, a milestone towards which we are all moving, as Nations, companies and individuals.

This is how this first Sustainability Report came about, new in its format but not in its substance.

This is our starting point, to share with you a journey begun in 1997 and carried on every year with passion and a great sense of social responsibility.

We hope you enjoy reading this.