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Cow Lab has arrived, the pilot support plant for the anaerobic plant in Santhià

The starting of the new anaerobic digester in Santhià will take place for the first time with the support of the new Cow Lab, created by our Research and Development team to optimize performance and functioning.

“Cow Lab was created to support our O&M division at the start of the section of anaerobic digestion in Santhià as a substitute for laboratory tests”, our CEO Gian Francesco Galanzino explained.
“The mobile plant , which reproduces an anaerobic digester semi dry plug flow on a scale of 1.12, recreates the real conditions of the treatment and allows us to study beforehand the stability of the process, so that we can intervene if necessary with corrective actions before filling the principle digester. The results of the trials therefore permit us to better define the operational choices for the plant on a larger scale, optimizing the recovery of matter and the time and cost of the production process.

As is the case with the full scale plant, Cow Lab will also be run by the new Eagle Cloud system,  the new Entsorga propriety software which allows for the monitoring and measuring of the biomass parameters and as a result permits us to evaluate the volume and composition of the biogas product.

The prototype, created for the starting of the reactor in Santhià, thanks to its great flexibility can be used by anyone who wishes to reinforce or improve already existing plants or evaluate the opportunity of integrating composting with anaerobic digestion.