Plastic from organic waste: Entsorga and Gaia are ready for the first testing phase.

For the recovery and optimization of plastic, it is essential to analyze both the chemical and quantitative characteristics.

This is Entsorga’s contribution which, with its prototype of NIR optical separator of latest generation, is offering to SATURNO, an important Research and Development project on circular Bio Economy which, together with our company, involves another 25 partners coming from Universities, Research Centres and Businesses.

The first testing phase will begin, as foreseen, in the middle of November: our protype will be placed in GAIA for 6 weeks and will operate downstream of the composting process to characterize the residual plastics (PET,PE etc) and to eliminate the PVC with a high chlorine content from the organic.

Depending on the composition type, the plastics will be sent to our partners for further experiments. In particular, those plastics that cannot be reused, will become SECONDARY SOLID FUEL (CSS) to be used in cement plants for the production of clinkers.
In this testing phase, we will also work to create a database useful to evaluate the refinement level needed to optimize the quality of the alternative fuel for cement plants.

These testing phases will be particularly interesting also for the quantity of data that they will provide”- our CEO G.F. Galanzino points out – “In effect we will have at our disposition a rich database useful to define the optimum refinement level to maximize the quality of the alternative fuel for cement plants.”

The entire development axis for the recovery of residual plastics will be then subjected to a careful cost analysis, in order to identify the most efficient, not only at an economic level but also taking into account the social and environmental impact.