Santhià Biogas Project in Italy Receives Construction Completion Certification

“We are excited to announce the completion of Entsorga’s first biogas facility utilizing their state of the art mechanical and biological treatment technology combined with Zenviro Tech’s anaerobic digestion technology stated Christopher Maloney, President of the IBA.

“This is the first collaboration for the two IBA companies in Italy with several more planned over the next few years. The client, Iren S.p.A., is one of Italy’s major public utility companies and already has plans for further expansion at the facility to double biogas production of the first unit. We are confident that the Santhià plant will become a strong global reference for the industry.

“The plant, expected to start-up in May of this year, will process approximately 40,000 tons of kitchen waste” stated Pier Cella Mazzariol, Managing Director of Entsorga S.p.A.
It will produce close to 600 m3/h of biogas which will be upgraded to 300 m3/h of biomethane and injected into a nearby gas pipeline. The Santhia plant, which will receive substantial “green certificates”, incorporates state of the art technology and automation, the highest health and safety standards and is well suited to the valorization of kitchen waste and maximizing biogas production”.

The sorted residues, mainly plastics, will be turned into Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF), while the digestate will be converted into high quality compost through our patented Hebiot process, ensuring complete circularity, with no residues going to a landfill.

“We are particularly pleased with the short construction schedule, only 12 months” continued Mazzariol, “which is remarkable given that we completed the project during a global pandemic.”