Signed an EPC contract for the supply of an alternative fuels feeding station to Argos Cement

ARGOS CEMENT in Martinsburg will  be using Entsorga Prometheus ™ alternative fuel and Entsorga’s Pelican ™ feed line for the continuous feeding at its cement plant.

This contract to provide an alternative fuel feed station to Argos Cement, one of the largest cement manufacturers in the United States, follows the long term off take agreement in place with Argos for the supply of alternative fuel and allows Entsorga West Virginia which in this case is the provider of Alternative Fuel, to complete a new viable circular model for landfill diversion. Entsorga’s Pelican ™ feed system, is a high performance, low energy consumption solution that guarantees a direct and automated feed of alternative fuels, with a constant flow that can be easily adjusted according to the different needs of the user. The feed station, with a nameplate capacity of around 60,000 t/a, is similar to a feed station already delivered in 2016 in Nazareth PA.

This project  confirms once more that North America represents one of the most promising markets for Entsorga’s solution, a market where the proven commercial performance of our platforms proves to be a good fit developers and lenders.