100% success for the subscription of Entsorga bond in the US

On March 9th the Entsorga West Virginia Industrial Bond has been issued, with a 100% subscription.

The Bond, with a value of $25,000,000 and lasting 15 years, was signed by three American Pension Funds.

The 25 million raised, together with the 6 million equity paid to Entsorga West Virginia (a company 49% owned by EntsorgaFin SpA), are the sources supporting the construction of the integrated plant, owned by Entsorga West Virginia, for waste treatment and Solid Fuel Secondary Production. $31 million will be invested in this initiative.

It is the first plant in the United States to use this type of Entsorga proprietary technology which enables the production of alternative fuel and replaceable coal starting from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).

“The Entsorga West Virginia plant will be our best business reference in US, we are very satisfied,” said Pier Paolo Cella, President of Entsorga.