Territorio e Risorse win the tender of CIDIU Collegno

Our company Territorio e Risorse, which is part of Consorzio Stabile Riuso, won the tender of Collegno for OFMSW disposal. This is the first awarded tender since the tranformation from Rete Riuso to Consorzio Stabile Riuso.

Consorzio Stabile Riuso is able to cover the treatment and recovery needs of most of the Piedmont territory with the possibility of interacting with neighboring territories. It consists of four Piedmontese companies, leaders in the field of organic waste management: our company Territorio e Risorse, Acea Pinerolese, Koster and San Carlo. Riuso is the third national pole in the industry.

Among the main objective there are: the sharing of know-how and skills for plant innovation, customer service continuity guarantee and increase competitive capacity.