R&S, testing and machine learning in support of our plants. The new Entsorga Greentech Lab is under construction.

2020 did not stop us. We continued to work, to hire young talented people and to invest in the future. And the future for us has above all else a name: Research&Development.
In the year that has just passed we dedicated 900.000€ to this fundamental asset and we enlarged our Operation & Maintainance team.

To give a new and significant collocation to the entire sector, last week saw the start of the construction work for the Greentech Lab, Entsorga’s new centre for calculation and data elaboration. In 400 sqm the Greentech Lab will be home to the control room, from where we will be able to remotely monitor all of Entsorga’s plants and automized units.
Here a centralized server will collect and elaborate data, making use also of machine learning procedures and artificial intelligence, in order to continually guarantee an excellent handling of the treatment processes and prevent any eventual problems.

The Lab is green also thanks to the criteria with which it is built.
In fact it will respect the highest standards of energy efficiency and it will be completely autonomous thanks to the photovoltaic plant installed on the roof. The energy produced will also serve to fuel the recharging points for the company’s electric vechicles.

The consumption will be further optimized with specific systems for temperature control, which will also guarantee the best hydrometric parameters, while the air will be filtered and purified to levels comparable to those of sanitary buildings.

The inauguration? By the end of the year, Christmas 2021.