The Pelican flies in Hungary

In March, in the middle of the maximum intensity of the sanitary crisis that has struck our continent, we successfully completed the commissioning and testing of an important plant in Hungary.

Started at the beginning of 2019, thanks to our successful adjudication of a tender put out by one of the most important worldwide cement manufacturers, we planned and constructed a completely automised plant for the moving and fuelling with alternative combustibile fuel of an oven for a Hungarian cement manufacturer.
The project was successfully concluded within the established time frame.

The plant uses two technologies that are the property of Entsorga, the Automatic Crane Spider®, which is part of the Pelican® power system.
The first will manage the fuel in a 24H warehouse, thanks to our propriety control system, while the second line will fuel the oven guaranteeing a continuous and constant flow.
Two numbers? Capacity of movement and organization of the automized warehouse >40T/H and fuel supply capacity >11/T/H.

“We are talking about an avantguard plant, created, designed and built entirely and internally by Entsorga, for a forward looking client. Thanks to the use of an alternative combustibile fuel which has a high biogenic content and to this plant which is highly integrated and highly automated, the cement plant will make significant savings in CO2 emissions, thus respecting the most up to date regulations regarding envirnomental sustainability” – commented Francesco Galanzino, CEO of Entsorga – “ Bringing a commission to a successful conclusion in this period has been a great satisfaction. I am impressed by and proud of the ability demonstrated by the men and women of Entsorga!”

The work on the design of the machinery, which began in January 2019, was completed according to the terms of the supply contract, even in the midst of this delicate moment of global emergency.

A double result, which together with the satisfaction of having collaborated with a world colossal in the cement sector, there is the pride of having been able to prove the great efficiency and resilience of our Group.