Together, to win the most important race of all

As Entsorga, we have always supported and appreciated the initatives of many of the Sports Clubs of our territory, such as Azalai, Alvi Trail, AICS Liguria, to name just a few.

But for many of us , sport isn’t just an activity that we’s a life-style, a way of being. And in these tragic and suspended weeks, an unexpected resource.

Our routines are under enormous pressure.

We are working only in smart working mode. Those of us who train regularly are no longer able to do so.

Despite this, however, all together we continue to share the same values. Like never before, we don’t feel that we are just part of the same team, but rather that we are a real community.

A community that yet again through sport is able to find the answers necessary to face one of the most difficult challenges we have ever come up against, with resilience and responsability, respect for the rules and discipline.

Also this time we are living a race, the most important one of all, even if to win it we must all stay at home.

At home, but not still.

At home, but not losers.

From here we will begin again, all together, to start running and working again, stronger than ever.