Two Spiders, an exceptional cargo and the turning point of Asturias.

The departure of an exceptional cargo, our two overhead cranes Spider, marks the advanced stage of work on the construction of the new facility of COGERSA, the public consortium between the government of Asturias and 78 municipal councils set up to develop integrated solutions for urban waste disposal. The objective of the new facility is to recycle the mixed fraction thus to make the most of it, instead of sending it directly to landfill.

The total contract for the work was awarded last year by the Consortium to the Galician company Setec Buildings (Valtalia), which chose Entsorga for the engineering of the biostabilisation section, a large line that will treat 160,000 tonnes of waste per year.

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The system designed is a Bee, complete with two Spider automatic overhead cranes to handle the waste. This is our most advanced bio-stabilisation technology, incorporating the latest control and automation systems, ensuring that the plant will operate in line with Industry 4.0 standards.


Also cutting-edge is the ventilation and extraction system, equipped with 34 fans, which will completely eliminate any emissions, sending the process air to the biofiltration system.

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With this plant, and our engineering contribution, Asturias will fully enters the era of environmental technological innovation.