Urban Waste Crisis? Not with Entsorga

Every summer we are faced with the difficult question of waste treatment, already aggravated by the increase in temperature and submissions, and this year exceptionally by the Covid emergency.

The lack of treatment plants, in particular in the Italy Central-Southern regions, makes it necessary to resort to an excessive use of landfill as well as the transfer of tons of waste not only from one region to another, but also beyond borders, with a resulting increase in costs, both economic and environmental.

It is clear that there are no easy solutions for an adequate waste disposal treatment, but there is a need for a long term plan on a national level, a plan that would ensure the construction of new plants and adequate infrastructures.
However this would require substantial investments and years to carry out.

But today, more than ever, can Italy really allow a waste disposal crisis to be added to the health emergency?
So what other possibilities exist to resolve this situation?

Smart treatment systems exist, that allow for the sanitization  or composting of urban waste directly on sitein a simple and efficient way, both with regard to separable and inseparable waste and the air effect.

The Entsorga Group, a leader in the green technology sector, proposes among its technological solutions, a mobile stabilization plant, the Bat Q-ring®: a “turnkey” solution, that concentrates the twenty years of experience of the Group in the design and construction of large biological treatment plants, in a flexible and efficient system.

Accompanied by the authorization from the Province of Alessandria as mobile plants, the Bat Q-ring® can be installed in record time and in the full respect of the law. Easily transferable to where they are needed, they are able to treat more lots at the same time, in a clean and absolutely sustainable way, by exploiting the air action.

The system is also particularly cost effective because, as well as eliminating the cost of transport, it does not require permanent fixtures.
This makes the Bat Q-ring a completely reversible solution, thus avoiding the risk of creating structures that, once they have served their purpose, are transformed into dangerous “cathedrals in the desert”.

Thanks also to the special Q Ring breathable fabric this solution guarantees a perfect odour control, preventing unpleasant dispersions into the atmosphere.

In addition to all this, if necessary, Entsorga rents out the plants “cold lease”, that is without the presence of operating personnel but with the possibility of remote access and monitoring of the process, thanks to a propriety control.

Therefore, as we wait for planning interventions that will resolve the waste disposal problem in a definitive way, these flexible and versatile treatment systems can offer a correct solution to foresee and resolve  any critical situation in a way that is economically advantageous for administrators and citizens alike.