Working with the most important Italian universities to develop our know-how

In the month of November, we formalized the convention with the University of Pavia that inserted Entsorga into the partners of Master’s Degrees plus, a project that has already been running for 5 years with companies such as Eni, Accenture, Bip., Huawei and many others.
This formative course permits students from some selected courses to become inserted into real work contexts, in order to experience business dynamics in the field, while, at the same time, allowing partner companies to collaborate actively in the formation of the students.

We are not speaking here about simple work experiences or apprenticeships, the aim is more ambitious and innovative: with this convention, the companies commit to sharing precise formation programmes with the University, in a close and continuous discussion with professors.
This also effects the length of the degree course, which overall will last for 5 terms instead of the usual 4, two of which will be lived directly in the company, and which can also include experiences abroad.

In particular, Entsorga has committed to setting up with the University of Pavia, at least two formation programmes, one for the academic year 2022/2023 and another in the following year.

This latest convention is to be inserted into the wider context of conventions that we already activated in 2021 with other universities such as: PoliMI, the University of East Piedmont and PoliTo.

Collaborating with university institutions is an essential part of the selection and formation process of our team. It is only in this way that we can find the most motivated and talented young students, as well as opening ourselves up to occasions for discussion with professors and the world of research, which are always great opportunities for interesting and valuable sharing of information.