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Eagle Cloud system

PROCESS DASHBOARD – the whole system at your fingertips.
An integrated software that makes it possible to automatically collect and analyze data from the plant summarizing the results in a real time dashboard. The Dashboard is the process control system following the industry 4.0 principles and allowing the plant to always work at top performance.


The Eagle Cloud System is the proprietary software developed by Entsorga to offer customers an agile and effective tool for plant management and supervision. The system displays the process trends and alerts the operators in case of anomalies thus making it possible for them to quickly intervene with corrective actions to keep the processes on track.



  • process and maintenance always under control
  • never more installations stops and optimization of running costs
  • maximum plants yields
  • simple interface, allowing an easy reading of process data
  • Remote assistance, the ability to intervene quickly and effectively in case of anomalies
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