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Eagle Cloud system

FEATURES The Eagle Cloud System is the proprietary software developed by Entsorga to offer customers an agile and effective tool for plant management and supervision.


FEATURES The process air drawn from the processing areas by a forced aeration system is conveyed to the bottom of the biofilter.The purification of the


FEATURES Entsorga’s geCO2™ is a biological biogas treatment system that occurs in two process steps: - degradation of methane and of the odor-generating compounds thanks


FEATURES Initially designed to remove PVC from SRF and keep chlorine content low, the Falcon™ has been further improved thanks to the Entsorga experience in


FEATURES Flexible, high performance and low energy consumption, our Pelican™ system is designed to guarantee a steady automated supply to kilns, with a constant and


FEATURES After biological phase, the material has to be subjected to a mechanical separation treatment in order to discard low calorific fraction and obtain a