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Falcon has been designed combining the best NIR identification technology with Entsorga long-time experience with waste treatment. The result is a top level NIR optical sorter with features purposely developed to meet costumers real necessities.


Initially designed to remove PVC from SRF and keep chlorine content low, the Falcon™ has been further improved thanks to the Entsorga experience in the management of waste plants.

The machine consists in few parts with different tasks but closely connected: a conveyor belt, an optical sensor and an air ejection unit. The waste is sent over some vibrating plates, in order to be scattered uniformly over the belt.

All materials, subjected to a light radiation, reflect a radiation spectrum that is the fingerprint of that specific material. Falcon exploits this phenomenon to identify, by means of a hyperspectral camera, the materials travelling on a belt conveyor. According to the information gathered by the camera, a compressed air ejection system, located at the end of the conveyor, blows away the objects of the targeted material.

Falcon detection unit is the top technology in NIR spectrography, thanks to a superior spectral resolution: the density of measurement points along the spectrum is several times higher than traditional NIR separators.
This improvement is crucial to obtain a maximum efficiency in material identification.

The machine has been designed with the maximum attention to safety issues. A series of safety interlocks allows the operator to always work in safe conditions, both during normal functioning and during maintenance.

A special attention has been paid to making Falcon easy to be integrated: it can be installed in any plant line and can be easily controlled remotely by the plant control system.

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